Alep is an attempt by a group of Prague-based cinematographers, musicians, designers and organizers to capture the atmosphere of the events (especially live concerts) organized by /-\ sdbs and other such groups from around Czech Republic. At the moment, Alep is a non-profit, self-financed project, but we are looking for patronage and crowdfunding options that would help us cover the costs of using the right equipment at the most appropriate venues.


Bagdasarov / Pollack / Schweighart / Vatagin

11/11/2015 at the Prague Libeň synagogue
The first concert (in 6 years) of the little known free jazz quartet originally formed in Vienna, supporting before Kammerflimmer Kollektief's show at the Alternativa festival.

Kammerflimmer Kollektief

11/11/2015 at the Prague Libeň synagogue
One of our most rewarding live concerts and a unique psychedelic event, organized in collaboration with the well-established Alternativa festival.

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06/05/2017 at the Mayapur Pokojíček
The second Dälek concert done by /-\ in a hidden away industrial area of Prague. Dälek's art has been an inspiration to us for more than a decade and so this was a true honor to create.


16/06/2016 at the Prague Žižkov cargo train station
Live performance of the uncategorisable Hungarian band Pozvakowski, combining multiple 8 and 16mm film projections with walls of sound. The concert took place at a decommissioned cargo station Žižkov, the new home of the Czech National Film Archive's open-air cinema.

Permon Balet Superstar

16/06/2016 at the Prague Žižkov cargo train station
A trio of musicians from the south-Bohemian city of Třebíč that forms one of the most audacious heavy-alternative Czech bands.

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